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These 9 stories of New York nurses feel so close and so far(3)

2021-The New York Times interviewed nine New York University Medical Center nurses who were on the front line of the epidemic, and recorded their work, hopes and waiting.

Vicki Jiang, 26 years old, senior hospital nurse.

1、I did hear from my parents their concerns about racial discrimination caused by the epidemic.

When all this started to happen, they heard all kinds of rumors about racial discrimination, what happened in the subway and on the street. Their worries about racial discrimination even surpassed the spread of the epidemic itself, which is why they dare not go out of their homes.

These 9 stories of New York nurses feel so close and so far(3)

(Stable job)

2、My family, friends, and many Korean Americans in the community have their own stable jobs.

They operate laundromats and dry cleaners in the city. To make a living, everyone has to take public transportation to work in the city. In the process, they were not less greeted by others.

3、At this moment.

I can only try to make myself numb. My brain must be fully focused on work so that I will not have the time to think about how I will deal with the troubles my family is facing today. I have nothing to ask for, I just want to do what's in front of me.

"I try to numb myself,

   only focus on the task at hand. "

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