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309 TS™ Scrubs Set309 TS™ Scrubs Set
A Set Is Better
You should have the choice to buy a full set of scrubs for the price of one top or pants

309 TS™ Scrubs

New Scrubs


“Functionality And Feel Within Reach.”309TS™ Series scrub sets are made from recycled material, which equals 5 plastic bottles saving when you buy one set. Eco-friendly but not in quality loss, features anti-absorbant, anti-bacteria, anti-wrinkle, and meets your daily needs.

309 TS™ Series Origin

The 309TS series is at the forefront of our Innate range.

The 309TS collection was originally conceived through conversations with our partners and design team, who were looking for new bespoke designs that were firstly new, secondly modern and comfortable to wear. The 309TS has an interesting history and demonstrates our commitment to our partners. 309TS is a zip code of Illinois, the significance of this is that the first 309TS design was created with our partners in Illinois. Wayne was looking for a new economical and flexible design for the scrubs business. New and innovative designs have been added since then, making this collection one of the best in the Medical scrubs industry.

If you are looking for innovative designs, this collection is for you.

Wayne is one of our long term partners and guest designers, he has worked with us for almost 4 years and now produces some amazing ODM designs for his brand. Back in early 2018, we were in discussions with Wayne about the possibility of launching new product lines and new materials. At the time, Wayne was trying to find new designs to meet his client's needs, and the products he saw were either high quality but too expensive, or really low quality and very cheap. He needed a product line that challenged the status quo. 309TS was the answer to this.

Marrying new ideas with old, anti static, antic bacterial and even better for the environment, 309TS is the responsible way to wear scrubs.

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