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These 9 stories of New York nurses feel so close and so far(4)

2021-The New York Times interviewed nine New York University Medical Center nurses who were on the front line of the epidemic, and recorded their work, hopes and waiting.

Christine Ciobro, 38 years old, senior hospital nurse

After work, I have to go home to take care of four children, so I cannot self-isolate. I still insist on breastfeeding my little daughter. After finishing the night shift and taking care of the critically ill patients in the ward, I felt exhausted. Although very tired, I still have to keep going. As a nurse, I can't hold back.

These 9 stories of New York nurses feel so close and so far(4)

(Christine Ciobro has four children)

I had a patient's condition that took a turn for the worse this morning, and she was lying alone in the hospital bed as she died. I had to make a choice at the time: whether to wear protective clothing and stay in the ward with her for an additional ten minutes, or let her go through the last journey alone.

I have been a nurse for 12 years. If she were to die alone without the company of her family, it would make me feel uneasy. For me and many other medical staff, this situation is indeed very difficult. These patients are fighting the disease alone, and at this time they can only count on doctors and nurses to help them make decisions.

I have never really cried in front of children, because we have learned to separate work and life. But sometimes this is too heavy. I saw our resident crying this morning, tears running down the eyes behind the mask. The other nurses and I couldn't help crying. We are all mortals, and there is only so much we can bear.

"As a nurse, I can't back down,

   The patient needs us right now. "

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