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These 9 stories of New York nurses feel so close and so far(5)

2021-The New York Times interviewed nine New York University Medical Center nurses who were on the front line of the epidemic, and recorded their work, hopes and waiting.

Steven Cabrera, 28 years old, assistant head nurse

For our generation, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is the time to truly test us.

These 9 stories of New York nurses feel so close and so far(5)

(Steven Cabrera said: "We are a group of healthcare workers who are committed to their mission.")

After the outbreak, I quickly realized that this is not just a "public health incident", it is also a test of "whether our generation of medical workers are truly ready." We know this will be a battle. At least on the spiritual level, this is a "war epidemic." Because it is a battle in itself to help these patients stay healthy and safe from such a contagious virus day in and day out.

There are two sides to everything. On the one hand, we are nervous and anxious, and we are desperate to ensure the safety and stability of patients; on the other hand, we will tell ourselves that when all this is over, we can proudly say that we are part of the team. Overcome huge difficulties. We live up to our mission.

"All this is testing our generation of medical workers

   Is it really ready? "

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