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These 9 stories of New York nurses feel so close and so far(2)

2021-The New York Times interviewed nine New York University Medical Center nurses who were on the front line of the epidemic, and recorded their work, hopes and waiting.

Megan Curtin, 25 years old, senior hospital nurse

1、Since our hospital started accepting patients with new coronary pneumonia, I have never seen my diabetic father again.

When you find out that because of your high-risk work, your family members may be infected with the virus, or even make them seriously ill, it is terrible. I think this is one of the reasons why people feel resistant to participating in the frontline epidemic prevention and control work.

These 9 stories of New York nurses feel so close and so far(2)

(I can't imagine what will happen if this life will continue for another year.)

2、Patients have fear in their eyes.

Accompanied by the anxiety caused by lack of oxygen and breathing difficulties, they will ask you in horror: "Am I going to die? Can I still see my family?" Whether it is to the patient Still for us, this kind of dialogue makes people feel uncomfortable for a long time.

When I thought that this kind of life might last a whole year, I thought it was too difficult.

"There was unease in the patient's eyes."

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