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Unifroms World Reseller

Working with us

For those out there who wish to sell in house Uniforms World products and become an Reseller of the brand we offer a huge number of incentives. Firstly on order, when you place an order with us you will only have to pay a portion of your order up front. Once you have started selling we will give you time to earn capital on Uniforms World products and pay back at a per-arranged date. This will all be protected by third party payments providers.

Once you have your products in stock and are ready to sell we will get started on helping you with promotion. You will have full access to all of our promotion images and videos. This can be used to your will in the aim of promotion and selling the Uniforms World brand. Now you have promotion moving we will add your information and your sales platform to our website. When customers want to buy medical scrubs they can come directly to you.

Loretta, USA.....

I have recently joined the Uniforms World Reseller program and have started selling my first batch last month. I really like the styles that they offer especially the 309 series they brought out recently, it was in my first order and I am still selling them to date. Highly recommend working with the guys at Uniforms World.

Maricar, Canada.....

I started working with Uniforms World back in early 2021. I was approached by the team to talk more about selling medical scrubs on a bigger basis for the brand. I made my first order of 100 sets and they sold out within a week. This was a sign that the product was good and people liked the brand. Since then I have placed over 3 more orders with Uniforms World, making my business dreams come true.

Joesph, USA......

I joined up with the Uniforms World team at the end of December 2021. I am a LPN and have been for around 4 years now. I wanted to make a bit more money on the side to support further study I had planned for the future. I teamed up with Uniforms World and I haven't looked back. To start with it was a big jump for me working nights to selling online in the daytime, but the 309TS series they have started selling really well for me, and I continue to work with them on future products.

and so on ...

How to get started

Getting started is easy and one two three. You can apply directly on this page to become and Reseller for the brand. Once you have applied online our Reseller team will get in touch with you in 24 hours to go over the process of working with us and how to get your first order placed. After you order has been placed of those amazing medical scrubs we will arrange shipment and also a contract to be signed between two parties. Your goods are in stock, we are ready to go and start selling.

Throughout the whole sales period you will have a dedicated Reseller expert who will work with you to boost your sales and help both parties reach their marketing and sales objectives. So if really want to start you own business and start earning money, today is the day to make A Set Is Better a reality.

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    Want to sell our scrubs and earn some real capital at the same time, join the Uniforms World Reseller program.

    For those out there who want to start up their own business but are not sure about how to get the right capital and products to sell save the hassle and work directly with us.

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