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How to prevent wrinkles in nurse clothes?

Uniforms World-How to prevent wrinkles in nurse clothes?

Air-drying scrubs

By letting your scrubs air-dry for the last few minutes, you can prevent 90% of the wrinkles that happen in the dryer. Also remember to hang your scrub pants upside-down.

The weight of the elastic waist or drawstring will help just a little more in pulling out any creases that may have already formed.

Uniforms World-How to prevent wrinkles in nurse clothes?

Folding scrubs

Folding scrubs avoids wrinkles for most materials, but if you aren't careful, creases appear at the folds. Here's how to avoid them:

  • Place a layer of tissue paper or a plastic dry cleaning bag on top of each item before you fold it. The paper or plastic adds bulk and softens the folds. The extra material also reduces friction between clothes, cutting down on wrinkles.

  • Don't over pack. Pressure on those folds is sure to create creases. Fill your case to the brim so that the clothes don't move around when it's closed, but don't force in extra clothes.

Uniforms World-How to prevent wrinkles in nurse clothes?

You can also try bundle folding, which avoids sharp folds on clothes that often crease:

  • Put everything you want to pack to one side on your bed. 

  • Start the bundle with the items most likely to crease, like blouses and cotton pants. Fully spread out the first piece of clothing, then place the next on top. 

  • Move on to less wrinkle-prone clothing items as you go. For instance, a pair of jeans or T-shirts could come next. 

  • Last of all, put socks, underwear, swimwear and all the other clothes you don't worry about creasing on the very top. 

  • Fold the layer below over the socks etc., and continue to fold each layer over the one above it, until you finish with the lowest layers, which wrap around the bundle.

Uniforms World-How to prevent wrinkles in nurse clothes?

Rolling scrubs

Rolling your vacation wear is a sign you're a savvy traveler. Rolled clothes are less likely to crease, and they make the best use of space in your suitcase.

  • Start with small items like socks and pantyhose. Roll them up and pack them into shoes and the corners of your case.

  • Fold the legs of denim jeans and shorts together, and roll them up, starting at the cuffs. These go on the bottom of your case.

  • Fold the arms of T-shirts, shirts and blouses across the back. With the item front side downward on your bed, roll up the bottom third, then roll up the top third to meet in the first roll in the middle of the item. Put the rolled scrubs in your case.

  • Fold the legs of pants together, and fold skirts and dresses into long rectangles. Roll loosely from the cuffs and hems upward, and put them in your case.

  • Fold in the sleeves of jackets and place them flat on top of the other items.

Uniforms World-How to prevent wrinkles in nurse clothes?

Avoiding creases

Avoiding creases in your vacation clothes starts with picking the best fabrics. Cotton, silk and linen garments seem to pick up wrinkles before you even put them in the case. For a crease-free vacation, synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester and Lycra are your friends.

Unpack and hang up your clothes as soon as you arrive. Creases often reduce and disappear after a day or two spent hanging. For a speedier wrinkle-buster, hang your clothes in the bathroom and take a long, hot shower.

Spray the worst creases with wrinkle-releasing spray and smooth out the wrinkles before hanging the scrubs to dry.

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