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Choose Your Favorite Pair of scrubs color!!

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Uniforms World-navy scrubs-Medical Green scrubs
There are few colors, which embody the spirit of hardworking and stain-resistant scrubs more than the combination of medical green scrubs and light Navy.

    These two colors have been around for a long time, but recently there has been a resurgence in their use. The first companies to popularize these two colors were Woolworths and Price cut, back in the nineteen seventies, but their success has been recent.

    Uniforms World-Medical Green

    • The reason that these particular colors are now enjoying a resurgence is because of their ability to match well with virtually any current uniforms or in the case of medical scrubs, their ability to contrast with most white scrubs or beige scrubs based colors.

    • Another factor that has helped to make the combination of Navy scrubs and medical green scrubs so popular is that both colors can be found in a range of different patterns.

    Most commonly you will find either a solid black scrubs or patterned scrubs top, with either a pair of pants or a vest to accompany it. These patterns can be very simple, consisting of just a colored shirt or blouse with a matching pant, or they can be more complex, such as a polka dot patterned on a light blue or Navy top. There are also patterned scrubs which feature splashes of bright turquoise or black on their tops, or a black shirt with blue pants and a matching vest. These types are especially popular amongst military personnel.

    • One other thing that makes these two colors extremely popular with medical professional is the fact that they can feel good on many skin tones.

    Uniforms World-navy

      In fact, some people prefer to wear these types of scrubs simply because they feel good in them. Navy scrubs often feels like a lighter shade of purple, while a deep burgundy scrubs almost feels like a tinge of blue. However you want to choose these particular color combinations, it is important to bear in mind that the darker the color the more ink will show when covered up, meaning that you may need to have your uniform professionally cleaned often if your particular scrubs color chart is a bit on the cheeky side! This is something worth bearing in mind, particularly if you work in a very professional environment.

      Overall, both of these bright color combination scrubs look great on anyone, though you might want to try them on first before committing to buy!

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        • jogger scrub pants combine comfort and style, making them a perfect choice for healthcare professionals on the go

          - Elena kim

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