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A Guide For Scrub Pants

What's difference from Tapered Leg to Straight, Flare to Boot?

Let Uniforms-World make it simple for you. Read about different scrub pant design details to help you better understand what you're favorite scrub style is and how to shop for it easier.

How Scrub Pants Fit ?

Jogger & Cuffed Scrub Pants

Jogger scrubs and knit cuff scrub pants typically have a skinny leg that ends in the an elastic cuff. The fit is close to the leg and usually stop sjust above the ankle.

Jogger Scrubs

Flare Scrub Pants ?

Flares from the knee to the bottom hem. Noticeably wider at the hem than the knee. The fit around the calf is generally very loose, this cut often covers a portion of the shoe with tall side seam vents at the bottom hem.

Flare Scrub Pants


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