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As part of our services, we offer an additional transport protection option to ensure the comprehensive security of your order during the delivery process.

Service Features:

  1. Loss Safeguard: In the event of your package getting lost during transportation, we guarantee a full refund or a replacement, thereby safeguarding your purchasing rights.

  2. Damage Assurance: If your shipment sustains damage in transit, be assured that we will provide a full refund or substitute the affected items to ensure you receive products in impeccable condition.

  3. Delay Coverage: Should your order encounter a delivery delay exceeding 30 days due to transportation or other factors, we will offer supplementary compensation or prioritize the processing of your order to minimize inconvenience.

  4. Free Return & Exchange: We acknowledge that size and color issues may impact your shopping experience. Therefore, particularly for these concerns, we furnish free return labels to ensure a pleasant and worry-free shopping experience.

Important Considerations:

  1. You have the option to purchase shipping insurance at the checkout. Each order permits the acquisition of one transportation protection, and each transportation protection may only be applied for compensation or a free return label once.

  2. If you opt not to procure shipping insurance, we will still make every effort to ensure the safety of your package but cannot provide an equivalent level of protection.

  3. We kindly urge you to meticulously inspect the condition and quantity of the items upon parcel receipt. If you detect any issues, please promptly report them to us, facilitating our timely provision of assistance and solutions. This practice is essential for ensuring an enjoyable and stress-free shopping experience.

Additional notes:

Delay Coverage

1. Delay Time:

① If your order's delivery time extends beyond 30 days, you have the following compensation options:

  • Partial Refund: To mitigate any inconvenience resulting from the delivery delay, we will refund a portion of the total order amount. The specific refund amount will depend on the extent of the delay and the order's value.
  • Expedited Processing: Your order will receive priority processing to ensure you receive your items as soon as possible.

② If your order's delivery time extends beyond 60 days, you have the following compensation options:

  • Full Refund: To compensate for any inconvenience due to the delivery delay, we will refund the full payment amount of the order.

  • Gift Card: As your shopping experience has been affected by logistical issues, we will provide a $10 gift card.

2. Reshipment:

If you prefer to wait instead of opting for a partial refund, we will reship your order at no additional cost, ensuring that you will ultimately receive your products.

Important Notes:

This compensation plan only applies to delivery delays caused by transportation issues and does not cover other factors such as force majeure events or address errors.

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