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Children InternationalChildren International
The children receiving assistance

Know More About Our Charity Program For Children

This charity program for children is to empower children and youth to change their own lives and future.

Uniforms World will donate one dollar with any order to the charity organization, and you will receive an official letter of thanks for your kindness.

Our Vision

There are still lots of children struggling with poverty. They are lacking of proper health care and nutrition.They’re also more likely to be exposed to the stress of domestic violence, gangs and drugs. A little support may change their whole life. We really hope more and more people can involve in this charity program to help those children get the education, life skills and confidence they need to break free from poverty.

Why we do Charity Program For Children Currently

With your support, children have a chance to access to health care, educational resources and life-changing programs in safe, clean spaces.
385 million

385 million

children live in extremepoverty.

2.4 billion

2.4 billion

people lack access to basic sanitation service, such as toilets or latrines.

821 million

821 million

children, women and men around the world are undernourished.

Children International

The journey to end poverty for good begins with a child

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