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Uniforms World partners with Fuyi

As the epidemic swept the world, the demand for the medical industry is also increasing day by day, and an idea came to my mind,is it exactly the time for my own scrubs brand establishing?

Then I learned from my friends in the United States,which the market price for each scrubs set costs more than 100 US dollars,and what to my big surprise,we can buy more than 2 same sets from Chinese market with the same money.

I can not wait on this profitable trade,also the same time to realize my brand dream on scrubs business,I want to help more people in medical industry who are in urgent needs for scrubs with a competitive price.

The supplier searching being my first thing, and he needs to meet the characteristics as below:

  1. High-quality fabric, various sizes and styles available
  2. Support to customize your own logo/design
  3. Manufaturer with warehouse owning
  4. Should be stable delivery offering
  5. Enable for trial order with small quantity
Fuyi fabric

I started on scrubs supplier searching in both Google and Facebook channel,and made my final desicion with Fuyi Group after two month communication.They have their own factories in both China and Myanmar,who gain great ability in manufacturing, and the most important thing,the attractive cost on fabrics,they have the same fabrics as Figs, Cherokee and Barco,but the price is less than half of theirs.I felt that he can help me realize the original intention of my brand.Besides, they have professional product training and marketing analysis to help me on online-shop building and even expand my business with lots of strategies.

In August 2021, my business gonna running, and to my big surprise, the first 100pcs scrubs were sold out in just one month.Whats more, the big delivery support and efficient style recommendation from Fuyi made the continous popular for my customers,they are satisfied with rich style selection and punctual shippig.Till now, there are more than 50 clients made repeat orders from my shop.

In future, I dare to try more hot and new styles and helped more people in the medical industry who are in demand of scrubs item. I am very proud of it. Also I will keep long-term business with my old friend,Fuyi group, to expand our win-win cooperation.





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